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TBB 017 – Facebook Ads and Email Marketing with Irish Around Oz

Chatting with other travel bloggers is always a treat.  Each one of us have carved our own path to success and what has got them where they are to day is so different.  While that’s the case, that’s not to say that we can’t learn from each other and that’s why these podcasts are so powerful.  In this one with Stephen Palmer of Irish Around Oz, he shares his wealth of knowledge of Facebook ads and e-mail marketing.  This one’s jam packed with information so...

Affiliate Marketing 101 for Travel Bloggers

As you start exploring different ways to make money travel blogging, affiliate marketing is something you’ll naturally encounter alongside display advertising.  However, the story I hear time and time again from other bloggers is that because it’s hard to be successful at it, they end up giving up. There are a ton of affiliate marketing guides out there but none that are really focused on how it works for travel bloggers.  With this new travel blogger’s toolkit article, I...

TBB 006 – Undercover PR Insights with Sarah of A Week At The Beach

I have the pleasure of introducing Sarah Fazendin of A Week At The Beach today where you’ll be hearing us chat about PR secrets that she gained working with the Tourism Board of Kenya and later running her own PR marketing firm in Africa.  As bloggers we work with folks in PR and marketing all the time but very rarely do we get to hear from someone that’s seen and experienced things on the other side. With Sarah, you’ll get some great perspective from a blogger just a little...

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