Megan Jerrard, blogger behind Mapping Megan joins us on the show today to talk about everything travel, blogging, breakthrough successes plus a whole lot more.  Get inspired by Meg’s story about how she got started, learn from the tips and tricks about what she’s learned along the way and get jealous about what she’ll be up to next!  Check it out!

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Today I have the honor of welcoming Mapping Megan to the Travel Blog Breakthrough Podcast!

For my first guest interview on #TBB, I wanted to bring in someone that I’ve looked up to for a long time and I couldn’t think of anyone better than Meg.  Since discovering the power of Facebook Groups and We Travel We Blog in particular, Meg and the rest of the community has been instrumental for me in learning how to be a better travel blogger.  Meg’s been one of those bloggers that has truly crushed it considering she only started Mapping Megan last year.  Her numbers and success continue to astound me and so there’s a lot to learn from her!

In this particular episode, you will learn

  • How Mapping Megan got started and her random encounter with Gary Arndt
  • Tips on how to prepare for climbing Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania (I selfishly asked because I REALLY want to cross this off my bucket list)
  • Meg’s breakthrough moment with Doubletree (Totally worth it too apply to contests)
  • What social media platforms you should start with first
  • Meg’s successes with Facebook and Twitter
  • Meg’s early learnings with Pinterest and Instagram
  • Tips on monetizing your travel blog
  • Mapping Megan’s adventures for 2015

Links and resources mentioned in this episode

Thanks for listening

Thank you for listening to the show.  As my second podcast, I realized that there’s still a lot to learn about this medium but it was a lot of fun chatting with Meg.

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Big thank you goes out to Meg Jerrard for being my first guinea pig and I look forward to the next episode of the Travel Blog Breakthrough with you!

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