For episode 13, I again tap into early travel bloggers to start a conversation around what the challenges are and what the journey is like.  Debbie and John of Bridge The Travel Gap are awesome guests and from our banter, there’s a lot to learn.

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Right off the heels of a full year round the world trip, Debbie and John are just starting to rev up their travel blog.  We start off with a little bit of an intro and from there we dive right into how their blogging experience has been so far, what they’ve learned, challenges they’ve faced and where they’re hoping to take their blog.

I had a blast having a pretty open-ended conversation about everything and I think you’ll enjoy the candidness as well.  Whether you’re an early blogger or an established one, there are tons of things to learn in this podcast.

Enjoy the show!

In this particular episode, you will learn

  • About Debbie and John
    • Their Canadian and Kiwi roots
    • Full year RTW trip experience
    • What sparked them to start travel blogging
  • Planning an RTW trip
    • Quit your job 🙂
    • Have the right apps on your phone downloaded ahead of time
    • Make sure you take care of your banking before leaving
    • Do what works for you
    • Keep your receipts! (in case an airline loses your bags)
    • Travel with a budget in mind
    • Get insurance with better luggage protection
  • Bridge the Travel Gap
    • The learning curve – Things take a long time at first but over time become easier and easier
    • Travelling and writing – Scheduling posts, taking days off travel to write and produce videos
    • Proofreading – Never post straight away, wait a day or 2 and re-read it before posting it
    • Focusing on keeping track of expenses while travelling to share in blog posts
    • Slow travel – “You give yourself a day or two where you have the freedom to stop”
    • Challenges – Access to wifi, social media, finding consistency, maintain a voice, life balance
    • Good resources – Facebook Groups, Travel Blog Breakthrough
    • Goals – Monetizing, focus on niche, expecting the unexpected, be able to pitch to travel brands, and travel more
    • Next steps – Improve design, build list, social media automation,
    • WordPress themes – Which route to take?
    • SSL
    • Social media accounts
    • E-mail accounts
    • Tips for new bloggers
      • Start with self-hosted WordPress
      • Pinterest
      • Instagram (use hashtags)
      • Social media – start slow and grow
      • YouTube

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