On episode 14, I try something a little different and interview a travel startup entrepreneur in Jason Will of Zipkick.  Very few people know about Zipkick but it’s hitting the scene hard with the product they’ve built so far, the ambassadorship program with travel bloggers they’ve put together and the mega road trip they’re on right now.  Learn all about it on the show.

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Jason Will is the co-founder behind travel startup, Zipkick and over the course of the 40 minutes of the interview we delve deep into how they started, what Zipkick is about, the ambassador program, and how you can get involved.  It’s a slight departure from our usual interview but I think you’ll enjoy it.

In this particular episode, you will learn

  • About Zipkick
    • How Zipkick started and the startup story
    • Concept of personalized results
  • Zipkick Platform
    • Very strong on social media and customer support
    • Always improving
    • Your friend in travel
    • Social media philosophy
    • How it works:
      • Asks for your preferences based on how you like to travel
      • Pull in information based on your profile (FB/LinkedIn/Google)
      • Gives you the best hotels based on everything Zipkick knows
  • The Community and Ambassador Program
    • Finding Scott Eddy
    • Building the community to help influencers to monetize their brand
    • Helping the community to travel more
    • Connecting ambassadors with travellers booking on Zipkick
    • Helping drive traffic to community members
  • Zipkick Road Trip
    • Partnership with Kia to do cross country road trip
    • 45 days
    • Follow #ZipkickLovesKia
  • Connect with Zipkick
    • Looking for new bloggers
    • Reach out to community@zipkick.com

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