Travel Blogger’s Toolkit

Automating Twitter

When I first started blogging, I barely used Twitter.  It wasn’t because I didn’t want to try new technologies but it just wasn’t something any of my friends were on nor something they understood when I asked them about it. So as I learned more about what was going on in the travel blogverse, I warmed up to the idea that “man I really need to get on this Twitter thing”.  I’m sure a lot of you are or were in my boat. Now Twitter alone is a massive topic...

Ways to Make Money Travel Blogging

As travel bloggers we all love to travel and I think for most, if not all, that’s the reason why we start writing and sharing our stories.  Eventually things get a bit serious and aside from building a following, getting more viewers to your site (i.e. religiously refreshing Google Analytics) and well travelling some more, the only other thing is this… The ultimate question: “How do you make money while blogging?” That’s a gosh darn good question and to be honest...

How to Set Up Twitter Cards

We all know the power of social media, Twitter, building a following, pushing out content blah blah blah.  Today is not one of those days where I talk about that.  Instead, I’m very excited to tell you guys about a new feature that Twitter launched:  Twitter Cards.  I had a whole bunch of other topics I wanted to get to but this honestly just couldn’t wait. I first found out about Twitter Cards actually through one of my SEO plugins I use called All in One SEO.  One of the...

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