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Income and Traffic Report for June 2016 – $1875

Hello Travel Blog Breakthrough readers!  Hope you’re having a good summer so far and that there is lots of travel and blogging happening.  While May was pretty quiet on the income front, I saw a nice bump in June thanks to invoices being paid.  One thing you’ll learn while working with brands is that invoices rarely get paid as quickly as you’d like.  So how did June go?  Let’s find out!

TBB 017 – Facebook Ads and Email Marketing with Irish Around Oz

Chatting with other travel bloggers is always a treat.  Each one of us have carved our own path to success and what has got them where they are to day is so different.  While that’s the case, that’s not to say that we can’t learn from each other and that’s why these podcasts are so powerful.  In this one with Stephen Palmer of Irish Around Oz, he shares his wealth of knowledge of Facebook ads and e-mail marketing.  This one’s jam packed with information so...

Quick Look – Google Publisher Toolbar

Alright today I’d like to introduce to you a super simple tool. It probably won’t change your life but if you’re leveraging Google AdSense to display ads on your site, you may want to check this out. Google account confusion You’re probably thinking that you can easily go to and yes you’d be absolutely correct. But if some of you are like me, the primary Google account you’re usually signed in with normally is not the same as the account that’s tied to Google Adsense. As a...

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