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SeedingUp – Be Discovered And Make Money

One of the key lessons I’ve preached over and over in my income reports is the fact that if you want to branch out in terms of your income streams you need to find ways to make yourself discoverable.  The math is simple and is best said by Gretzky. You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take. In the past I’ve talked about places like IZEA and themidgame and sure they may not always pay dividends right away but rather than saying they’re a “waste of time”, I...

How to Set Up Triberr in 7 Easy Steps

Triberr is an interesting platform that I discovered last year.  It really started from my search for the answer for “How the heck do all these other bloggers have so much to Tweet about?”  That’s when I started to do some of my own digging and I noticed something very interesting.  A lot of the content being shared on Twitter had a very similar format.  It was always a [Title] [Link] via [Twitter Handle].  Interesting… Stelle di Stelle – 3 Michelin Star...

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