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Facebook Groups Travel Bloggers Should Know About

When I first started blogging, I had the mentality of “if I blog it, they will come” but was disillusioned when I realized this wasn’t the case.  As awesome your content is, building a following and readership just doesn’t happen overnight.  Does that mean things are hopeless and you have to rely on SEO?  The answer is NO. In the past I talked about the importance of getting yourself out there and meeting other travel bloggers through local events like Travel Massive...

Travel Bloggers get out and join your local Travel Massive

If there’s one thing I learned from blogging all these years is the power of networking, being part of the larger travel blogging community and making friends with so many others that are doing what you’re doing.  Coming from the startup world, I’ve been a huge advocate of “getting out and meeting people” and as you’ll learn below, Travel Massive is simply amazing for travel bloggers.

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