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CoSchedule Review – WordPress Social Media Scheduler Calendar

Without a doubt, CoSchedule is one of the few tools I’ve encountered in my 3 years of travel blogging that have TRULY been a game changer.  For those that are already using CoSchedule, you’re nodding in agreement with me.  For those that don’t know about CoSchedule, get ready for your mind to be blown. Tell me if this sounds familiar. You started your blog as a hobby but you’ve begun to take it seriously after seeing traction. You continue to write but you wonder how...

TBB 008 – How Anyone Can Have a 5 Million Following on Twitter with Scott Eddy

There’s always that love-hate relationship with social media and so to bring a little clarity to what you guys are doing on social with your travel blogs, I’ve brought on another great guest to chat with us on the TBB podcast. We’re chatting with Scott Eddy, a personality unto itself on Twitter.  He’s someone that’s really made a name for himself from the ground up and with through it he’s started up several digital agencies, done public speaking, 1 on 1...

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