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Income and Traffic Report for May 2016 – $374

*madly typing away* – This is me trying my best to catch up.  What I’ve learned from blogging is that no matter how much you seem to get done, there’s always more to do.  I love that there’s always lots of content to create but at the same time you kind of wish things weren’t a frenzy all the time.  I’m way behind on Travel Blog Breakthrough but I know there’s a lot of interest for these income reports so here we go with May.

TBB 013 – Growing A Travel Blog

For episode 13, I again tap into early travel bloggers to start a conversation around what the challenges are and what the journey is like.  Debbie and John of Bridge The Travel Gap are awesome guests and from our banter, there’s a lot to learn. : Play in new window | Download | EmbedSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSS

14 Photography Tips For Your Next Press Trip

As a follow up to my earlier post on how to prepare for your press trip, I thought it’d be a good idea to talk about photography tips to make sure that press trips goes as smoothly as possible.  A lot of these 10 tips may be obvious but still it’s a great check list of things that I always keep in the back of my mind whether it’s preparing for a trip or when it’s “go go go!” chaos. These are my list of 14 things you should think about when doing your...

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