As a travel blogger, Instagram is perhaps one of the best tools at our disposal to building your brand.  While it sounds easy, it is a heck of a lot more work than how easy it seems popular Instagrammers seem to draw in likes and follows.  Not to fret though because I’ve brought in Melissa of A Broken Backpack to spill all of her secrets to success and how she was able to get to 10,000 IG followers in a matter of 6 months.  Enjoy the episode!

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Melissa is one of the latest big stars in the travel blogging scene and as you’ll learn from the episode, she’s been able to accomplish so much in such a short amount of time.  In just six months she’s been able to grow incredible following including hitting 10K on Instagram.  I wanted to take this chance to greedily find out more about how she did it so that you too can get to this level without breaking a sweat.

In this particular episode, you will learn

  • About Mélissa Giroux
    • How she started her journey from Quebec that eventually lead her to Australia
    • The beginnings of her blog and her transition from French to English
  • Growing A Broken Backpack
    • Ability to reach amazing growth in only 6 months
    • Advantage of working on a farm
    • Networking with other bloggers online – one of the keys of blogging
    • Methods and tools
      • Facebook groups
      • Triberr
      • Social sharing groups
    •  Mistakes
      • Started on (non-hosted)
      • Accidentally deleting the blog
    • Challenges
      • Migrating from to self-hosted
      • Getting hacked – Security is important!
      • Figuring out all the “techy” things around WordPress
  • Getting Hacked
    • Malware adding links to the blog
    • Getting black listed by search engines
    • Bluehost coming to the rescue and SiteLock (removed the Malware automatically)
  • Growing Hacking Social Media
    • Started with Twitter, Facebook and then Instagram
    • Latest growth primarily from Instagram
      • All about building your brand
      • Why:  Easier to reach target audience (backpackers in 20s)
      • Does Instagram drive traffic to your site?:  Hard to see in the stats but if you set up an Instagram landing page (link from bio), you could track it.
      • Observe:
        • Look at what successful accounts are doing but also what other similar bloggers in your space are doing
        • What captions do they use?  What hashtags do they use?
        • What do they do to get so many followers
      • Tricks:
        • Use relevant and popular hashtags that people are searching for
        • Tagging other accounts that feature Instagrammers (@adventure_culture) to get noticed
        • Make sure to tag the location
        • Hashtags in the description or comments?  Put it in the comments to make it more professional.  Did not see any difference in putting it in one or another
        • Use smaller travel related hashtags.  Don’t use the big ones like #wanderlust
        • Build following by liking photos and comment on hashtags that you commonly use
        • The follow and unfollow game only works at the very beginning.
        • Focus on good photos and hashtags (don’t share photos that aren’t related to your brand)
        • Re-use old photos when you’re not travelling
        • Useful tools:  Latergramme, Iconosquare, Crowdfire, TagsForLikes

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