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Income and Traffic Report for May 2016 – $374

*madly typing away* – This is me trying my best to catch up.  What I’ve learned from blogging is that no matter how much you seem to get done, there’s always more to do.  I love that there’s always lots of content to create but at the same time you kind of wish things weren’t a frenzy all the time.  I’m way behind on Travel Blog Breakthrough but I know there’s a lot of interest for these income reports so here we go with May.

Income and Traffic Report for January to April 2016 – $2484

You let things slide a little and it’s May already!  I know many of you look forward to these every month and I have to apologize for not being able to keep up but as bloggers you all know that it is hard to keep up with just one blog let alone two.  Not to worry though, there’s still a lot I want to do for you guys with Travel Blog Breakthrough and if you keep reading you’ll see what I’ve been up to.  Without further ado, let’s look at the first four months of...

Facebook Ad Experiments for Likes and Engagement

As most of you know, getting Facebook likes on your blog’s page.  There’s a natural reluctancy to give away likes freely on FB because most people are afraid of spam that show up on their newsfeeds.  It’s naturally more “expensive” for someone to give you a like on Facebook versus Twitter because Facebook is that much more personal for people. So for me, while my Twitter follower count was trending up to 10K, my Facebook like count was growing a measly 10-20...

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