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10 Things I Learned At Affiliate Summit West 2015

If I could sum up my experience at Affiliate Summit West 2015 (ASW15) in two words, it’d be “eye-opening”.  The 3 days in Las Vegas for me introduced me to a whole new world of affiliate marketing.  Between meeting some of the most successful internet marketers to meeting affiliate companies, and so many like minded entrepreneurs made the whole trip worth it. While ASW15 isn’t going to make me rich overnight, what it did was plant the seed for two things.  1) ideas...

Pre-networking – How to prepare for a conference

Going to your first conference is a little nerve-wracking.  You’re not really sure what to expect.  You don’t know who you’re going to meet.  You don’t know what to bring.  And thoughts about “is there anything I should do beforehand” start revolving around your head. Well I’m going through one of these moments right now.  With less than a week to go before Affiliate Summit West in Las Vegas, I’m trying to get ready for my very first...

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